UIltraportable / lightest notebook without compromising much performance

    This is sort of an advice questions (hence in misc and not deal requests) as I am not too worried about the price - the business will be paying for this.

    I am looking for an ultraportable notebook ... around the 1.3kg mark but with atleast core2 duo 1.6Ghz.

    So far I have found the Lenovo x61 to be a good candidate. Also, I do like the Dell D430 but heard it gets VERY hot and also it only has a core1 duo 1.2Ghz so would not really run oracle applications all that efficiently.

    Hopefully you guys can help !



    Check ut the Dell XPS M1330. Im not sure if its 1.3kg but its very light and if u search on this site you can find very good deals for it that were posted up. Check the weight of the laptop on Dell's site. The XPS brand laptops also come with its own dedicated customer support so you would be better off compared to other laptops if anything goes wrong.

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    thanks, but ive already had a look at that but its 1.8kg which is a bit too much.

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    0.2kg shouldnt be that mcuh off a difference...

    Also visit [url][/url] and post up on the forums for more/betetr advice.
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