Posted 15th Dec 2022
It's the norm to have liquids under 100ML, in clear bags, and laptops/electronics have to be out the bag/case etc and still many don't take note, until the last min, and cause backlogs in security but it looks like things are going to change

The current rules have been in place since 2006

The government has set a deadline for major UK airports to install new security technology which would remove the 100ml liquids rule

Rules on taking liquids and laptops through airport security are set to be relaxed, the government has announced.

Major UK airports have been set a deadline of June 2024 to install new airport security that will make the rules on carrying no more than 100ml of liquid in containers and removing large electronics from hand luggage obsolete.

The change means that passengers at most airports across the country will be able to carry liquids in containers holding up to two litres in what will be the biggest relaxation of aviation security regulations in decades.

Travellers will also no longer be required to carry the containers in clear plastic bags, or remove laptops or tablets from carry-on luggage at security checkpoints.

The Department for Transport (DfT) said major airports will instead be required to install new technology that will provide security staff more detailed images of what is inside passengers’ bags. The DfT will set out new legislation around the changes in Parliament on Thursday (15 December).

“By 2024, major airports across the UK will have the latest security tech installed, reducing queuing times, improving the passenger experience, and most importantly detecting potential threats.

“Of course, this won’t happen straight away – this is going to take two years to be fully implemented. Until then, passengers must continue following the existing rules and check before travelling.”

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    WHSmith shares will go down significantly after that date
    Yep! Ditto Boots, although you can Click & Collect prior

    Maybe their prices will come down to reflect this...
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    Hopefully the whole of Europe gets on board, also trialling in palma, Majorca
    Indeed! Wasn't aware of Palma, good to know TY
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    Still too late. How hard can it be to install 20 odd 3D x ray machines at Major UK airports ? Can do it in few months in time for Easter. The technology already exists for along time.

    AIrport operators dont want to spend money and invest in customer conveniences.
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    The measure when introduced were temporary and were meant to be abolished 10 years ago!
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    sounds great ! You can get your shampoo , spf , conditioner big bottles for holidays . Just use it all there because for now NOT ALL EU countries are on board with it , means you NOT bringing that '1 litre shampoo bottle back'
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    Long overdue.
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    How about taking shoes off and removing belts?
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    They have been trialling this in some London airports for months. Unfortunately they only told you when you got to the trays though so it was kind of pointless
    I got told off at London City the other week for taking laptop out of my bag - my response was would be good if you put a sign up rather than having a go at people who don’t know 
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    I'd imagine airports will recoup the cost of new equipment and staff to man it by increasing airlines' rates which will ultimately mean an increase in flight prices..

    As will most items in the airport, food drink etc as retailers look to recoup lost sales from not selling bottles juice etc at vastly increased prices..
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    Amsterdam airport has these already and yet there are still times where you queue for hours. Not too sure it will take the strain off like people expect
    Amsterdam has been a mess for months due to staff shortages.
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    Will be interesting to see what happens on flights to different countries especially the US they are generally more stricter and have forced us to do extra check when we didn’t want to do the checks. 
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    About time an all.
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    Breaking news.... Oh no, that's right, Boris said this would be implimented in December....2022 🤦🏻 They don't seem to mention that their big push for this is actually 18 months later than promised
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    Wouldn't make a difference in security anyway. 5 people each with 6 x 100ml bottles containing ammonia, chlorine, chloroform, acid and lighter fluid could take a plane out of the sky. Just form a queue for the toilet and combine as required. A nail file and a stone could provide the ignition source, using their toilet paper as a combustible.
    I've had security clearance that allowed me contact with royalty and diplomats, and can assure you much of it is useless smoke.
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    This country is in a mess, with no more common sense remedy, full of snowflakes and nothing gets is done on time anymore even if you pay, no organisation answers the phone in a reasonable time, full of useless robots, customer service useless, calling the council useless the list is endless. UK has become LAZY.
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    I’m surprised they’ve been so slow adopting this “new” technology.I fly few times a year and this technology have been used since many years ago in some European airports.
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    Does this include alcohol as well?
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