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Does anyone know of any decent auction sites, other than ebay.

I'm sick of their high charges of fees, the only other auction sites i know is ebid which I have only just started to use, does anyone know of anymore decent ones like ebid?



QXL plus you get 50p quidco

There's several listed here:

But be aware that none of them have anywhere near the customer base that eBay does.

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thanks nightswimmer that's a great help

Tazbar is quite good & growing by the day !

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ok cheers guys, alot to go off there :thumbsup:

you could always sell through your local papers and see how long that takes and how much it costs.

Or you could just sell it through ebay, knowing that potentially there will be 1000's of customers waiting for you.You are almost guaranteed selling it within a week.

I know what Id do, same as millions of others, take the easy way out and pay them. or just leave the item gathering dust.
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