UK Break For 2 Adults & 7 Kids In Summer

Found 10th Feb 2011
Hi all this should stretch the best bargain hunter! In August we have to try and find a week long bargain break, preferable in a location near a beach (don't care if its sandy or stoney, just need to keep kids amused!) we have a load of children between us from previous relationships so in total we will have 7 kids ranging from 4 - 13 in age. We have a very limited budget as we are trying to save for a deposit however where we live is not big enough to squeeze a small hamster in, let alone several more kids for a week so we have to try and take them all away somewhere for the week we have them......so I have been searching and searching for something we can rent out for around £500 for a week, we would be happy enough with a couple of cheap caravans for a week to be honest.....anyone out there with any ideas please help!!!!!! Thanks so much in advance!!!!!!!!!!!

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you should of booked a cheap one through the son, not sure when their deadline is.


you should of booked a cheap one through the son, not sure when their … you should of booked a cheap one through the son, not sure when their deadline is.

when the sun offer was on there was another cheapy deal...ill see if i can find it.

no august..

may be cheaper to book direct with haven and such like as the price u see online is price u pay, whereas with sun hols u get billed for entertainment passes, and few other things later

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thanks guys will add heat for all :-)

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oh it appears there is noi longer heat to be added?!?! when did that change?! no August is a prob, bum!!

lol where have you been? heat is long gone..we now have the 'like' on the right of your replies..a little thumb?

maybe better looking local paper or ebay etc...i have booked this way before. I have also booked out vans i owned this way. Im not sure but the local paper i think will be cheapest as people sell weeks they cant use? and you often get a much nicer van than booking with haven etc.

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ah cool will take a look - can't belive I hadn't noticed the heat had gone!!!madness!!
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