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Found 31st May 2010
Somebody from the loot has sent me a parcel with these, and I have never heard of them so I would like to know if they can be trusted, I will pasted the email I received in the next post

Thanks and rep to anyone who helps,
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Dear James (reference number ******),

As outlined in our Customer Policy and our User Agreement, we need to inform you about the status of your package, as we will deal as a third party service in making a transaction between you as a buyer and one of our customers as a seller, we would like to inform you that the package disposed by :

Name: D**** G****
Address: 17 ******** *********
City: Ericstane
Zip/Postal Code: DG** *
Country: Scotland, UK

Was inspected by, Mr Belkhair (employee number 46R2), in order to be insured. In order to proceed with the transaction we have the following conclusions:

The package was classified as ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS and contains:

1 x Apple iPhone , in sealed Box, with full accessories

(please note the box was opened to insure contents)

After the inspection, the package was evaluated for the amount of 250 GBP

Delivery will be to:

1 ** ****
B** ***

Using a 24 hour delivery service for 50GBP which the seller has covered.

Items can be heavy. Please make sure you have at least 1 – 2 people on hand. The driver will help you carry your purchase from the van, but you will be responsible for getting it into your home, whether this involves just carrying it through the front door or getting it up three flights of stairs to your flat.

Due to money laundering regulations enforced by the Financial Services Authority, we are no longer able to accept this amount of money on the door. Therefore, the payment is to be made to one of our agents.


A payment of 250 GBP is to be made to the following:

Account number: NATWEST 4******
Sort code: 01-0*-**

After payment has been completed, please confirm the payment by emailing us at
quoting your reference number. Please note that we have a private courier who will deliver 24/7. So please attach a time and date in which you will be available.

Here are the following steps of the transaction after confirming the payment to us:

1. You will inspect the package with our couriers when you receive the goods.

2. You have 7 days time in which you can check the package content and return it for a full refund.

3.a) If you are satisfied with the package you will then contact us to remit the payment to the seller.


3.b) If you are not satisfied with the package you will contact us in order to return the package and refund you the deposited money.
Please follow all instructions mentioned above in order to receive the transacted item and to be protected by our Customer Policy.

(NOTE: there is normally a charge for returned goods)

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btw isn't £50 delivery expensive!!!! :O
Scam, or have you ordered an iphone?
did you order the phone? did you already pay 250 for it?

none of this is clear for starters

looks like a simple escrow scam to me.
Why would you even take a second look at it?!
Sorry for not making it clear, I have actually ordered the phone of this lady, but because we live far apart she has sent it to me via UK Cargo and said I would receive an email off them and I did and this was the email ...
Looks really fake to me. I wouldn't trust.
1) The contents listing. If they handle transactions they wouldn't call it "full accessories", they'd be itemised.
2) A Gmail address? Any reputable company would at least have a domain email account
2a) Typing their name in Google doesn't return anything matching this service, did find this though:…jpg
3) Have you ever seen the "Customer Policy and User Agreement" it mentions?
4) What kind of iPhone is it? Why on earth is it "evaluated" at £250 by them after inspection?
5) £50 delivery? Is he having a laugh?

Just noticed that 2a image matches what "amzmalhotra" posted.
Loot = Scammers
Might be an idea to go back to seller with your concerns mate, sounds weird to me.
100% scam

walk away
No mention of them on google apart from someone else who has been scammed
Thanks everyone, not what I wanted to hear but the truth hurts lol ...

I only found this ...…ODA
gmail address, talk about cheap

then again, i know a company that uses an email address, their excuse? they dont get any email enquiries from customers anyway ( i wonder why!)
I really don't know what to do :-/

any suggestions? , if she is being genuine about the phone (she sent pics of it with her name, my name and todays date)

How could she get this parcel back from them and send it in a different way ?

it screams scam, as a few have already mentioned , I'd walk away.

Have you paid for the iphone?
she is scamming you, there is no Iphone...

buy it from a reputable site like ebay...
I haven't paid, but the woman seems to think she has paid the £50 for this UK Cargo to send me the phone although its not on its way until I pay this Mohammed guy £250

I haven't paid, but the woman seems to think she has paid the £50 for … I haven't paid, but the woman seems to think she has paid the £50 for this UK Cargo to send me the phone although its not on its way until I pay this Mohammed guy £250

That's the scam :w00t:
No - walk away, it is a well known scam.
Good thing is you haven't parted with any cash yet so you haven't lost out.
Also, even in the unlikely case that you do get the phone, you cannot be sure that in 1 or 2 months time they won't claim it has been stolen, get it blocked and then make a claim with their insurers.
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