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Found 26th Aug 2010

I am hoping someone can help.

I have a work phone (O2) hat I need switched on at all times and then a personal phone (T-Mobile). I am sick of carrying two phones, so want the option to be able to forward my personal phone (T-Mobile) to the work phone when required but still have the luxury of being able to remove the call forwarding when needed.

Few pointers required

1. Do any networks allow call forwarding to be part of your minute’s allowance?
2. If not who has the cheapest call forward charge.
3. Any pointers on tariffs. I only need around 200 minutes a month and don’t even mind being on pay as you go tariff.

Thanks in advance
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I use call forwarding all the time and have never been charged extra as usually taken from my allowance. What i would recommend is that in the call forwarding menu, instead of the voicemail number change it to your work mobile. Try forwarding a few calls to check it working properly.

Go online onto your personal mobile service provider and check unbilled usage and see if you being charged for the calls. If you are not than keep using the service. If you are than look for a cheaper option or the hassle of keeping both phones.
I was on T-Mobile a few years ago and back then they were the only network to charge outside of bundled minutes.

Now on Orange and it would appear to come from my monthly minutes allowance the few times I forward my privatet mobile to my business O2 mobile

Why not forward from your work phone, then you definitely won't be charged.
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