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Hi all,

I'm looking for a holiday park in the UK for me and my kids for a week in August time, I would like there to be plenty to do on the site and lots of activies for my 5 year old, it has to be in the UK as i have a major fear of flying, i'm looking around the £1000 mark for the week but can go more if needs be but not too much as we often spend this amount during the week on food and activities etc. I'm near manchester but travelling is not an issue as my husband quite enjoys driving. Just wondering if anyone has been anywhere they particularly enjoyed and would recommend or if anyone have just seen or heard of any. I have 2 boys a 5 year old and a 2 year old!

Thanks so much x x


centre Parcs,its absoulutly brill for kids and adults,i would recomend sherwood!

Good old Skeggy is great for kids, Butlins, I hate the place myself but plenty to do for the kids.

Barmouth in Wales is nice, But not much for kids.

Newquay is nice, Torquay, Devon and Cornwall lots to see and do.

center parcs is probably the best one.
We go to havens a lot and quite enjoy it for being cheap and cheerful - but it can be quite 'chavvy' and some of the holidaymakers irritate the heck out of me!
Pontins - if there are any left - tends to be really grotty!
Butlins at skeggy is quite good for having plenty to do!

Center Parcs is only about 5 miles away from me, Never been, but Sherwood Forest is great, All on my doorstep.

you can hire a great big caravan at an independant site for around the £600-£700 mark, you need to think were you would like to go and then just google for caravan/holiday parks.
centre parcs sounds good although i've never been
have a lovely time

dawlish in devon is lovely if you can stand the long drive, tenby is great too

Centre Parcs aren't cheap - but are great fun - you do have to spend a bit when you get there to do things - but the swimming is free - and walks etc - my kids loved it

Presthaven sands ( north wales) is good for kids also, get weather like where having now and its fab :thumbsup:

centerparcs...if you can wait till the week starting aug 31 its a bit cheaper. Mainly as a few schools are back right at the beginning of Sept. Luckily mine arent unti the following Monday.
It will be expensive there to eat out though, We eat snack junk food for lunch ie burgers hotdogs and then i take simple meals for evening already cooked at home, pasta, lasagne, shepherds pie,spaghetti, that sort of thing and eat out once in the evening at the end of the holiday at Hukleberrys i think its called. it feels a treat that way.
Kids can bike everywhere, lots of wildlife. Free swimming. Kids will love it.
Dont upgrade accomodation personally and we have upgraded in the past, keep your money to spend on activities.
Personally for wildlike including swans knocking on your patio doors in the morning we think Sherwood is better than Elvedon. Not tried the others.

Another vote for centerparcs

If you can get to any I would go to longleat, could then stay at a travelodge the day you leave and go to the safari park the next day, make more of your holiday. The park is HUGE as well, so big its got its own little train to take you around!

Sherwood and whinfell are both great too though (Not been to elvden so cant comment on that, but sure if would be good as it is the same company)

hi just come back from trecco bay park its with parkdean holiday parks 25 parks to choose from and i must say an excellent holiday park 20 times better than pontins haven ect entertainment excellent facillaties ace just check oyt parkdean holidays and you should find one to suit happy holidays xxx

just come back from Skeggy - although i stayed at Coral Beach, Butlins is only 5 mins down road, and it's really close to the Fantasy Island which has loads of rides, kids shows ( and pubs )
really cheap too...
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