UK National debt

    Ok so i knew the UK National debt was over 900 bil but look at the amount that it is increasing by the second!!!
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    its amazing


    clubba 786

    Clickyits amazing

    how did you get my bank account :O lol.

    agreed that is crazy!!

    You'd have thought that BG1 would have offered to help!

    Don't worry, some Ethiopians are gonna hold a concert to wipe our debt.


    Anyone see dispatches last night? Truly dire viewing and hope their 'facts' were wrong. They said UK national debt was £4.8 Trillion, not the £900Billion stated above!


    Your share of the bill

    * We owe £77000 for every man, woman and child
    * The interest on the debt each year is more than the whole payments made by mortgage holders in the UK
    * Deficit around £150Billion forecast every year so the 4.8Trillion is just going to go up & up until we're bankrupt
    * Benefit payments last year exceeded income tax receipts
    * Public sector is now bigger than the private sector

    Made me laugh when they started stacking £50 notes up on the floor and estimated how far it would go in the air before it equalled the national debt. I guess around 500Metres. Actually came to 6511 MILES!

    Hong Kong seems the way to go. Only 15% tax on high earners and 0% for everyone else. Encourages growth as nearly all the people work.
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