UK Smart Plugs

Posted 21st Nov
Hi all,
Does anyone know of any cheap UK Smart Plugs that work with Apple HomeKit.

I don’t mean just Alexa, Google Home etc I mean the switch/plug is available to turn off and on within the HOME App on iOS devices.

There doesn’t seem to be any that I can find for sale. Even checking Apple’s own official accessories list it links loads of suppliers (some I’ve never heard of), yet all are either out of stock or show coming soon.

It can’t be that hard to make a switch certified with Apple HomeKit surely?

Thanks in advance of any suggestions.

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As with everything Apple (ripoff) i doubt you will find anything as cheap as those that work with Google or Alexa ie sub £10…-12
IKEA’s range are pretty good if you’re buying a few. Plugs are £10 I think but you need the £25 bridge. I’ve got 4 now and a couple in the box waiting for when I need them (probably the Christmas tree!)
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