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UK source for standard US kitchen item.

Posted 20th Nov
I have been working my way though "The Great American Burger Book" but am failing to find the second "Must Have" item to make the burgers described.

The "Scoop".

The book says "the salad scoop (also referred to as a “baller” or “disher,” depending on where you’re shopping). In order to successfully make consistently sized smashed burgers (the base for many of the burger recipes in this book), you will need a #12 scoop (2½ ounce or 75 g capacity)."

I went to several cook stores yesterday and no-one had any idea what I was looking for. Can someone tell me what to ask for or provide a link where I might order one online?

Thanks in advance.
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I googled #12 scoop and it looks like a standard ice cream scoop!
ice cream scoops are what butchers use for getting the right weight in their homemade burgers. the bar in he middle of the scoop releases the meat. Fill the scoop with the meat and then using the ball of your hand push down and slide across so you make the edge of the scoop flat. The bar in the middle of the scoop releases the meat.

You just need to get a scoop with the correct size of bowl, which probably will be the more difficult piece because a quick look doesnt give how much the hold

To be honest though in a kitchen its easier and cheaper just to make them either by eye or weigh them meat on a scale.

I taught my kid to get over her "math hump" at an early age via cooking, (weight of hand rolled dumplings to all conform) ..anything that you practice making in bulk you get an eye for, not that hard, & recipes tend to require a good set of scales, prepping & cooking in batch I tend to use digital postal scales in the kitchen (up to 15kg capable).

Likely you don't need it really unless you are catering to a big crowd in a short time.
Thanks MrGus, esar and eslick.

Amazon will be making even more money now.
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We have these amazing things in the UK called kitchen scales, which the Americans don't like and go to huge lengths to avoid.

So just substitute 75g whenever it says 1 scoop. Measuring by weight instead of volume is a better solution as it provides more consistency.
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