UK Trains - Cheapest method?

    I am doing a large amount of travelling by train (or possibly coach) this summer.

    What is the best way of getting the cheapest fares?

    I generally book in advance and get two singles as opposed to a return. I use

    If its useful im going to be travelling from exeter to stratford upon avon.

    I have looked into the £1 coaches, but the service is limited in the south west.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!



    I wouldnt use the trainline as i think they charge you a fee to book.

    I generally book all mine thru nationalexpresseastcoast website as its pretty good in letting you either click fares and shows what time trains those fares are available on or the other way click train times and it shows you which fares are on that train.

    Its often cheaper to buy two singles rather than returns and also sometimes it can work out really well to "split" the journey at an interchange station (particularly if your changing on to another operators trains) An example of this is that I often get to london from Newcastle in first class for less than standard class by buying a single from Newcastle to Peterborough , a single from Peterborough to London (same train and often the same seat) then London to Peterborough and single from Pboro to Newcastle. Last time I did this it worked out at £50ish first class rather than £200+ in standard class

    It works on other lines too such as splitting at Taunton on First Great Western services from Paddington to the south west.

    The national express website also shows you every station a train stops at so making it easier to try the above, just really a case of messing about on the site.

    Hope this helps

    Hi if your travelling with national express and book on there website you get 10% off national express advance tickets only.Hope this helps

    megatrain is the way to go...........

    fares start at 1 pound each way with plenty of availability as long as you book in advance say 4-6 weeks

    even the day before is for example £12 london to leicester

    try megatrain and let me know what you think...........

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all the info,

    widstyle: the service is too limited in my area, i would have to travel from exeter to london, onto birminham and then get a local train to stratford, with a total time of ove 9 hours and not much saving...

    I will definatly keep it in mind when travelling to and from london though, cheers! is a great site, well designed and easy to use... makes booking tickets less of a hassle.. managed to get a return to stratfors for £28, and im leaving in a week... so its not too bad.

    Cheers all!

    Hi Expert Deal Finders

    We're traveling to Gatwick on early Wednesday morning (04:00am) can anyone find a discount for Gatwick Express trains out there?

    Is it better to buy a single both ends, current pricing is coming out at £44.00 return (coming back early Monday 03:00)?

    Can any body help?


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