UK Video Game Prices To Rise

It's been reported that UK video games RRP will increase to £54.99 (about $90 a game!)

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This is like total major suckage in every possible way ...

Last year RRP was around £39.99 so that's a £15.00 increase! In space of a year that's massive, falling value of the pound or not it's blatant money making at the consumers expense!

This is a major blow to all us consumers and I'm sure it'll make lots of people hate Activision even more.


What do you guys think of the increase?

Oh sound off to EA for not increasing there prices unlike Activision! (All covered in the article for those who want more info.)


I'm happy I download mine.

Can't stand activision. They just keep rolling out sequels.

Remember the days when you paid £59.99 for super street fighter II turbo?

they can put the prices as high as they want - the consumer decides when to put his hand in his pocket. if these game companies want to go bust, then increasing prices is the way to go. the last six months have been the best ever for gamers with the average price of a new game falling down to the £17.99 mark within 2 months. we'll wait til the price drops and then buy the game

super kaylo tweeted that modern warfare 2 will be 55 bucks today.

I honestly can't see the price of games going that high especially in this economic climate and the fact that most 360 games fall to around the £20 mark within a few weeks anyway.

brb newsgroups, brb, discs, oh hai xbox.

i will do what i always do, wait for a pre-owned or price drop lol

no way i would pay £40 for a game yet alone £55


Can't stand activision. They just keep rolling out sequels.

I'm not a gamer but loving the irony in that statement :thumbsup:

I see there'll be an increase of 360 flashing lol

Activision can go screw themselves, i don't even like their overpriced overrated games. how can they be making a loss when even COD4 is still selling for almost £30 at it's cheapest whereas games like GTA4, MGS4, Killzone 2 can all be bought for like £15.

I blame Saxo - the price increase is to pay for his salary......…-r/


Remember the days when you paid £59.99 for super street fighter II turbo?

I do. Worth it for that 32mbit ROM, though. High-end stuff.

no wonder people buy fakes

The suckers pay it though, there is massive demand for games on release, so why not cash in on it whilst it lasts? As people have pointed out, it doesn't stay at a high price point for long.

It will have no effect on net price unless you buy them at the least competative high street stores. Supermarkets, chain and online can just use the new RRP to give the impression that they are offering a day-one discount of an extra £5. Unless wholesale prices increase (I can't see this happening) hen nothing has changed.
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