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Posted 30th Sep 2016
So, ive been parking in the same spot for 3 years at my current job, in the city centre. Never had a problem before. Ive now have parking ticket. The owners of the building have put parking notices up, which i hadn't noticed at the time.

Do i appeal, ignore or pay this fine.

I have read in the past private companys are just invoices so not enforcible. But i did see the parking warden, i explained i wont be paying as its private and invoice only. His reply was "ok buddy you do that, the law has changed recently so i would check that up or you will end up in court"

Any help will be appreciated.
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Just another note.

The issue time is 12.14pm
The date seen is 12.14pm

Im sure there should be a grace period?

rules have changed the advice is not to ignore, the website below is the best one for advice, on here you will get many telling you to ignore which could cause you more trouble.…=60
Ye the best thing to do is appeal (which will be declined) and then ignore if that's what your planning on doing. That way if it did go to court (very small chance) you could argue your case rather than just saying you ignored it! MSE has some advice on what to base your argument on.
Other than that I would usually suggest contacting who hired the ticketer but could be difficult in this case so I'd say either risk it with the above or just pay up.
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