UKPC Parking Charge - is it worth fighting?

Posted 24th Nov 2018

Looking for some advice please.

I came home the other day to a charge notice from UKPC for parking in a McDonald's 14 minutes over the allotted time (1hr 30). It is £50 if I pay in 14 days and £100 after that.

I was a genuine customer in the restaurant and still have my receipt. I had some breakfast and did some work on my laptop prior to a meeting. Something which I often do at this particular site and have never really considered that they had time limits on parking (it's a mcdonalds, which has laptop sockets and phone charging facilities).

I have appealed to McDonald's and they essentially told me to go away, they cannot do anything. They told me I should have spoken to the manager in advance to say I was going to be on site longer than the time (but obviously I wasn't aware there was a time limit). I am really frustrated with mcdonalds stance, because I was a genuine customer, just doing some work on a laptop in their restaurant.

I haven't yet spoken to the parking company, but Im expecting a battle. There seems to be a lot of mixed information on this process and I could do with some recent advise if possible.
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