Ultimate speed battery charger instore at Lidl

Posted 15th Nov 2020
Need some help bought one of these last week.
Connected it and it shows initial battery reading was 12.7 V. So I guess no battery issue. I put it on charge and the bars went to 4 eventually after a few hours. My problem was the flashing battery icon which should stop flashing after fully charged and then switch to trickle charge. Mine didn't. I kept it on charge for over 24 hours but it remained flashing. I replaced the charger today and initially it showed 4 bars and quickly dropped to 3. Its been on for a few hours now and icon still shows 3 bars and battery symbol flashing after now about 5 hours. I am wondering if anyone has had the same issue or can suggest what the problem might be. The battery has never been an issue starting my car ?
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