ultrabook with certain festures

Looking to try an ultrabook as iv been using a macbook for a while and want to change back
Between 13 to 14.1 kinda screenshot, atleast 1080p and touchscreen with quality panel

High end i5 if not i7 cpu
8GB of ram
Looking for 2 ssd or msata drives to raid preferably, otherwise a decent single ssd
All the usual ports hdmi etc, possibly go have widi?

Thinking about going back to the latitude sort of idea as I miss my first fingerprint login and how nice I liked it's keyboard, but ultrabook seems oerfect
Maybe a convertible too

Any suggestions would be great thanks

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Maybe go with a 15inch to get the right specs, aslong as it was thin an decent batter

Ultrabook is an Intel trademark rather than a generic description. As such it requires certain criteria:

So mandatory WiDi is good for you but the requirement for a lower power processor may not be depending on your definition of 'high end'.

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I'm sure there is high end ultrabooks, some are stretching the term which know is an Intel marketing scheme

But close to ultrabook for factor would be fine, basically reasonably thin powerful, preferably decent integrated graphics rather than discrete

Atleast a full HD screen with touch, coming with either 2 ssd/msata or the ability to add one would be icing on the cake, oh and if he quality keyboard and back-lit
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