Ultraviolet Code Redemption To Google Play Question - And Whats With The Flixster 3 Time Download Limit?!

Posted 20th Aug 2015
Hello All,

Wondering if you tech savvy bunch can help – as I know deals for ChromeCasts, FireTVs and the such always get attention.

But, heres my quandary.

I always get UV codes, as I watch a ridiculous amount of TV/Films on my phone. I have always redeemed these to Flixster over Blinkbox etc.

Never had a problem.


Now you get the option to redeem to Google Play, which is awesome – as it keeps all my films on my phone – and I don’t need a third party app to watch them.

But this sucks, because on my Amazon TV, I have the Flixster App which I can log into and watch my Flixster Library. I should have thought about this prior to redeemed the last 10 or so codes to Google Play.

But is there any way to watch Google Play Account videos/stream on a TV?

Then the other query is around Flixster. I didn’t know, but each video (now/recent update?) can only be downloaded 3 times.

Well, I've had my flixster account for a while – and had a number of phones in that time. So certain movies are now saying “You’ve reached your limit”.

So my secondary question is; can I get around this? Or do I have to buy the UV code again and redeem? Would it recognise I already I own it and reset the download clock?

Surely you buy something and own it digitally – you own the rights forever?
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I watch my google play purchases through my youtube app on the PS3 or on my iPhone. I haven't tried my fire TV stick youtube app but it may be possible with that. With Flixster saying you have reached your limit, it may be suggesting that you have used the maximum devices on your account, I'd go in and see if that's an issue and delete some old phones from your list. At the worst you should still be able to stream them through your Fire TV if you have run out of downloads

I watch my google play purchases through my youtube app

Hi Schlingel,

Cheers - didnt know you could watch owned movies through YouTube!?

The 3 thing on flixster is a download limit (its a real thing which I didnt know). So I only have two active devices on my Flixster now, but because I download the films to my phone(s) and watch them downloaded (because I dont have a massive data plan to stream them).

So I have all my videos saved to my phone (all apps). So the Flixster problem is not being able to watch those particular movies on my phone anymore.

The Google Play movies, is streaming to my TV (I have every gadget imaginable, so if its possible to watch Google Play owned videos through Xbox, ChromeCast, FireTV, PS4 etc etc, then let me know - if you know!)
I'll have to remember the flixster issue I only stream my films at home but would download them for hols without a wifi connection. I have bought on google play and then streamed them via the youtube app on my iphone, PS3 and you can do it on your chromecast if you want, I've done it on that too. Just a thought, you could try Blinkbox app on your phone. Sign up and link your UV account and you should be able to download the films to your phone on that Worth a shot.
You can also purchase a chromecast and stream the movies from google play on your phone to your TV via the chromecast.
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