UltraViolet Library on Wuaki.tv Roku Flixter Blinkbox

Found 18th Oct 2015
I know this has probably been posted before, but for those of you who have the Wuaki.tv app on your TV's or use the Roku tv or Flixter/blinkbox apps, it's worth noting that you can link all you UltraViolet accounts to watch your content via the apps.
I have a Sony smart TV and noticed the Wuaki.tv app is now available.
Don't worry if the codes say they have expired on the UltraViolet leaflet, I have just entered 15 expired codes and they all worked. Not all of them have appeared on the Wuaki.tv app - probably a studio thing - but most have.
Will probably invest in a Roku box sometime soon.
So, link all you accounts and start to enjoy all those movies on the go... they haven't expired!


Hope this helps someone.
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Also, apple fans note - most FOX digital copies can be importing to your iCloud via iTunes

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