UMI Max. Is it worth @ £154.99 and does it cover 4g uk?

    As the post title.

    Is the UMI Max worth it and does it cover all bands for 4g?



    For the latter, check out GSMarena, just dont mistake 2G 800MHz for 4G 800MHz; very few Chinese phones have 4G 800MHz.

    For the former, I can only go by my own experiences with the Zero.

    The first was broken out of the box, the replacement, which arrived 6 months later, broke within a few minutes of being taken out of the box.

    They look great, feel great and the spec is great; but the build quality is suspect and after sales service is non-existent; although TBF, very few Chinese manufacturers have figured out that after sales is important yet.
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    I had the Umi super a month back, sent it back, on paper the specs seem awesome value for money but it was just shoddy.

    Xiaomi Mi max is good but no 4g on the 02 network. Not that's a problem though as h+ is fast enough for most. Other networks are fine though is worth looking at
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