Un-jailbreak 3.1.3

    I recently jail broke my iphone 3gs with the spirit jailbreak on 3.1.3.

    My iphone has new started to develop hairline cracks on the case so I want to send it back for a replacement.

    Ill need to restore to the standard firmware before doing this.

    I backedup my shsh blobs so could anyone advise on how I restore now?



    click restore in itunes?

    Plug into iTunes, click restore

    Make sure you "setup as new iPhone" when restored, otherwise remnants of the jailbreak can still exist

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    ah is it that simple? what was the purpose of the shsh blobs back-up?

    AFAIK it's so that you can rejailbreak easily in the future.

    shsh blobs i thought were only if you needed to downgrade!?


    shsh blobs i thought were only if you needed to downgrade!?

    Think my post was a bit vague. It is good to have them so that if you upgrade to a newer (un jailbreakable) firmware in the future, you can use them to downgrade to an older (jailbreakable) firmware. Again, that's only afaik. Not had much to do with Jailbreaking in a long time!

    Normally them shsh blobs are if you have jailbroke your iphone on 3.1.2 then upgraded by mistake to 3.1.3 then you use the shsh blobs to downgrade to 3.1.2 to jailbreak again. But these days not 100% sure you'd need to as 3.1.3 (which is the latest to date) can be jailbroke.

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    thanks for the replys, ill confirm its getting sent back first then restore it

    Just to let you know, If you send it back, the likelihood is that will get a different refurb iphone; in which case your saved blobs will be useless as they only work for each particular iPhone as they are done by the iphone's unique ECID
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