Un softmod a Wii???

    Hi Guys,

    Can anyone tell me the best way to un soft mod a wii to take it back to its original state?

    Sara x


    Original Poster

    Thank you for your link! websence at work is blocking me!

    I take it you can do it!

    an official update should remove any softmod.

    if you can update it then it should remove any softmod. which i did the other day after forgetting i had mine softmodded..grrr

    Do a System update over a Wi-Fi connection. This should get rid of most of it, but it sometimes leaves a "Channel".
    To delete the channel that's left, just go to Wii Options>Channels and then "Delete" the offending channel.

    Wouldn't the update brick the Wii?


    Wouldn't the update brick the Wii?

    It would just overwrite some "System files".
    It can still be soft-modded again if needed.
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