unable to format USB - Windows was unable to complete the format

    Hello all,
    im having a nightmare here chaps, if someone can please help me out. I have been pulling my hair since morning trying to sort out my usb. Basically I was trying to use the windows7 usb tool and i had to use diskpart to format my usb. My usb seems to be in raw mode now, I have tried to format it in low level and it wont have it, I tried using the typical windows format and it wont do, the manage disk drives format and still it wont. Tried the HP usb format software, nothing, is there anyway i can format the usb key or is it a brick now.


    I wonder if this would work with a micro usb as I have a sandisk 64 GB card that wont format/work

    i am using FAT32format.exe for sandisk 64GB micro sdcard

    i tried panasonic sd formatter and that did not work either.

    how you connect micro sdcard to the computer? sd card adaptor maybe locked? Did you try format from disk management?

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    Hello all, well I have tried all of these tricks guys. No joy.

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    Btw it's a freecom ii 16gb USB

    Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management (on the left hand side, understorage)

    Find the removable 14.94 GB (or something close to this) right click the box with lines through it and format.
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    Might give you an option to create a new volume this is almost identical to formatting as it will wipe the USB anyway.
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