Unable to reopen closed tabs in Chrome - what have I done?

Posted 22nd Sep
Looking for some technical help please. I use chrome and for some reason it has started not allowing me to restore close tabs when I accidentally shut chrome down. When I go to "restore tabs" its greyed out and doing it using keystrokes produces the same result. Internet search suggests this is a recognised issue but the fixes are old and the product has since been upgraded so I can’t follow the instructions. Does anyone know a) How I can restore and b) If I cannot what I might have done (possibly put on a privacy setting somewhere which doesn’t allow me to restore tabs?) so I can take this off. I often accidentally shut the whole page rather than an individual tab so really need this function. Thanks.
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have you look in your history setting, and press it there or tried to restart your machine
You’re not using incognito by any chance are you?
That's odd, ctrl + shift + t usually works for me.
Check task manager to see if any instances of chrome running in background and shut them down
Have you got 2 running? if you shut down the wrong one (with all your tabs open) the new one will always open blank
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