unable to wear a mask at work

Posted 12th Dec 2020
Hi, I wonder if anybody could give me some advice? I have a friend who along with his wife works in the food manufacturing industry and has difficulty wearing a mask as he is prone to panic attacks. Because of this he has been told he must wear a mask at work or stay away from work and go on the sick. He has been absent from work for over a month now and he is receiving company ssp of £41.08 week and yet for some reason he got £13.70 last week. He has a history of mental illness and is also a recovering alcoholic of over 2 years. The company he works for claims if you are unable to wear a face mask at work you must provide medical documentation to be exempt - he has provided letters from his rehab counsellor, his doctor and his local citizens advice all of which were sent to his employer and fallen on deaf ears. He has phoned acas and they were unable to help him, he has contacted a solicitor but they are unable to meet the prices they were quoted. His wife constantly tries to speak to the company nurse but is yet to have a response from them. He used to wear a full face visor and had no problem whatsoever wearing this but they have told him to wear the face mask. He isn't a member of any union and they are sure as soon as he is allowed back to work they will dismiss him. Is there anything they can do in the meantime? any help would be greatly appreciated.
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