Unbelievably Lazy Council Workers in Blackpool

Found 17th Sep 2008
They painted over a sock!!!

A BLACKPOOL Council paint job which produced a shining silver sock has left bosses red-faced.
Contractors sprucing up North Promenade took an astonishing short cut when they came across the abandoned footwear tied to a railing.
Rather than remove it - they painted OVER it!

The lazy workers were today blasted by council bosses who described the gaff as an "embarrassing mistake".

Resort visitors and fellow decorating firms labelled it "the laziest thing we've ever seen".

Julian Kearsley, Blackpool Council's executive director of business services, said: "We contracted a local company to carry out this work and we're obviously hugely disappointed with this act of laziness.

"We have contacted the company who will be removing the sock and painting the railings correctly, like they should have done in the first place.

"Residents can be assured we will be taking action to ensure embarrassing mistakes like this don't occur again in the future."

The council declined to name the contractors used to paint the railings - situated 150 yards from the Hilton hotel - but Kay Martin who owns the nearby Rutland Hotel said the painted sock had become a major talking point.

She said: "It looks so funny painted silver - a lot of the guests have been asking me whether it is part of this year's illuminations display!

"My customers often cross the road to look out to sea and stand at those railings. I wondered what on earth they were talking about when they asked if I'd seen 'the sock'.

"It's amazing someone would go to the trouble of painting it silver, surely removing it would actually have been quicker?

"No-one can believe anybody could be that lazy."

The railings were painted as part of the council's ongoing plan to clean up Blackpool. Although the offending sock has now been removed, a tell-tale band of unpainted railing marks the spot where it was placed.

Passerby Andrew Purcell, 22, from Leyland who is working in the area, said: "I think painting round a sock instead of just moving it could quite possibly be the laziest thing I've ever seen.

"It does look quite funny tied there, but I suppose it must be annoying for the council if they are trying to improve the look of Blackpool."

Derek Burleigh, a contracts manager from BTS Decorating Ltd on Palatine Road, Blackpool said he thought the workmanship of the council contractor was "disgraceful".

He said: "It just shows the mentality of some of these firms - they can't be professionals if that's their attitude.

"We get a lot of big contracts and I always inspect our work. If we employed anybody who painted over something like this then they wouldn't work for us again.

"We take a real sense of pride in delivering a high standard - it's just a shame this company don't."
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I don't know what's funnier, the sock or the amount of interviews the reporter spent his time on

council workers not known for their intelligence news.bbc.co.uk/1/h…stm
Why doesn't the mayor paint it properly :roll:
Saw this in the paper earlier.
Proper lazy gits
There could be trouble afoot
Hope you apologise to all the council workers out there - it says quite clearly several times that it was contractors who did the job. So it was private sector employees....
Modern Art anyone?
Those workers should have been socked .............sorry I mean sacked .
we should tie them to the railings, then paint over them in silver, telling them we can't be bothered to let them go.
lol its obviously been painted as a joke rather than laziness
That heading is misleading. It wasnt the council who painted it, it was external contractors. Maybe it should read Council Contractors......./ to be a fair representation of the evidence.

lol its obviously been painted as a joke rather than laziness

I agree, anyone who has ever painted a railing will know its not a job for the lazy, its hard work nothing like painting a wall or normal fence.
The Council needs to toe the line on this one................................

I rather like it. Quite a feat I would say.
Its not their job to "pick" it up

Health&Safety regulations probably meant they couldn't touch it anyway!

Worryingly that was my thought as well when reading this...


Worryingly that was my thought as well when reading this...John

Indeed they prob didnt have removal gloves on, which would not allow them to pick up or remove items. After all under health and safety had there been a needle inside etc they would have been repremanded FOR picking it up when they wasnt supposed too.
Far fetch as it seems these regulations are in place to protect the workers. Hes a painter not a street cleaner. ( 9 out of 10 painters would have prob removed it but some stick to the rules )

OR maybe he thought it was very art deco ! LOL

On another note if rubbish bags are left on the road, bin men do not have to pick them up if they are too heavy......

I dont think its a question of Incompetence etc however IF they did by some crazy freak accident, actually injure themselves whilst picking up something they wasnt supposed to, THEY would be in trouble and maybe not even covered to claim... workers are protecting themselves in this mad crazy word of OTT human rights and regulations. Its very extreme i feel however.....:whistling:
There seems to have been to much concern regarding the Council & Contractors about this story .

No one has even mentioned the poor chap who has lost the sock in the first place .
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