Found 24th Aug 2007
Ok here it is... an easy installer brought to you by:

guano aka ibwanzingee

we thought it was needed due to the complexity of the procedure...

enjoy the release and fun unbricking/ downgrading!

Also this does need another psp that can run homebrew to convert your battery so this installer should be used on psp's with the ability run homebrew!...all files will be extracted to your MS just read the installtion notes in the installer..

NOTE: you must still format your MS logically.

here you go...

Download link:…exe

Guide to recovering your battery..

Quick guide to converting your battery written by jas0nuk
If you only have one battery and want to unbrick your PSP, you can.

1) Convert your battery into a jigkick one using "Pandora's Battery Creator", but before you press X, press TRIANGLE to backup your battery's EEPROM to ms0:/eeprom.bin
2) Unbrick your PSP as normal
3) When you are done unbricking, take out the battery and the magic memory stick. Start up the PSP using the AC adaptor (do not try to use a USB charger, it will not start up)
4) Insert the magic memory stick and the magic battery
5) Run "Pandora's Battery Creator" again
6) Press L+R to restore the ms0:/eeprom.bin to your battery

NOTE: You can also restore a battery without having made a backup, by pressing SQUARE at step 6. This will generate a fake serial for your battery (0x12345678) which allows it to work normally, but there could be side-effects.

Have fun, and thanks to everyone in the Prometheus/C+D team.


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