Uncharted 2 price tag! still no price drop??

    I know everyone says this game is good and i have been hearing alot of hype about it but its been out since mid october and it still has not budged below £30! why is it that other games have dropped in price like batman arkham asylum and borderlands but not this game? I really wanna get this game but being an avid bargain hunter im holding out until it drops below £30. on a sidenote if anyone knows where i can this game brandnew below £30 i'll be greatful:) thanx


    Because it's such a good game and people are still buying it at over £30.
    Supply and demand.
    Simples! stchh!

    Uncharted 2 got higher reviews and got larger audience appeal than those games (maybe not batman, but it had slightly lower reviews and many more copies were made). Think about COD 4, it's price hardly dropped. MW 2 is going to keep it's price as well.
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