Uncharted 2 supermarket prices

    I thought I would start a thread on instore prices I will go to tesco Friday morn to find out but if anyone has inside info before Friday please can u let me know


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    Just checked argos...£47 how can they get away with that!!!

    wot u onabout ?

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    Uncharted 2 is a ps3 game


    Just checked argos...£47 how can they get away with that!!!

    Bargain :shock:…-21 £34.99 I know not supermarket

    looks like £37.91 at asda

    Not seen anything from work yet, normally for big releases get huge posters and displays come in ....

    Will keep an eye out, see if they come in on thursday

    Still aint opened uncharted 1

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    Bargain … Bargain :shock: £34.99 I know not supermarketlooks like £37.91 at asda

    shame i thought it might be £27 like they are doing with Flashpoint this week or better still £26 like they did with fifa the week before but i suppose they are multiplatform

    Wansn't into Uncharted 2 really until i played the multiplayer beta which was better than gears of war

    Has anyone been at midnight tonight to get it? If so, how much? :thumbsup:

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    £37.91 in asda


    prcies now going UP online

    £40 in HMV!

    Does anyone know how much is this in Tesco? Tesco direct has screwed up my order and I might have to head down tonight to get a copy then return the other copy once it turns up.
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