Unclaimed Children's Tax Allowance for 2002/3..can anyone help please?

    just wondering if anyone could help partner is trying to fill the form out. Basically he has a little boy with someone else who was born in the 02/03 tax year..he was living with the mum at the time and working (although the mum wasnt so he was the only one paying tax). Despite the fact he is no longer with her can he still claim..would he need to involve her even though she isnt eligible to claim as he was the one working and paying tax. If anyone has been in the same situation and can help fill in the form or help with my questions i would really appreciate the help and of course will give rep. thank you


    hi i would say he should still claim ..regardless of wether he is with her..he was still supporting a child in 02/03 for which (if he has not had it)he has paid too much tax....he is entitled to claim ..his tax code was wrong at the time other half claimed it at the time and it worked out then at an extra £1 a week...those who havent have paid too much tax in that year get him to fill that form in!!x

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    ive just a had a read through the forms myself and was wondering would he claim it as a lone claimant or as a couple as he was living with her at the time? thanks

    i think he should claim as a he was at the time.(he wasnt soley responsible for the child)..but there should be a part that asks whos name the money should be in..that should be himself....just make sure his address is where he is living now,reading the form i downloaded for my friend fill in the details that were relevant for 02/03 xx

    thats right, you complete the form based on the circumstances you were in at the time, so it then works our your entitlement at the time based on those circumstances.
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