Unconfirmed deal - Samsung 19" Widescreen TV/Monitor under £200

Found 19th Nov 2006
I've only got second-hand info but I've been told that my recently purchased Samsung SM940 MW (£229 from Argos) is instore in the local Sainsburys for £199 or something with a sign which mentions that it's more expensive in Argos.


I'm delighted with what I've got but an extra £30 off would make it an unmissable deal if you're after an entry-level HD TV/gaming montor.

Now they could be mistaken and have just seen some other Samsung and it may not be a national thing anyway, but if anyone happens to be visiting Sainsburys just have a look and maybe confirm or deny this one.


Nice, if anyone has a camera phone try get a piccy of this deal

I think this is a better deal, well it definitely used to be. It was £199 about a month ago, then £209 (when i purchased) and now £229.


Its a Samsung 20" 205 BW. Considered middle of the range.

Dont think they will be getting anymore in.

No TV tuner in that samsung tho.

I'm still waiting for a 19" widescreen monitor to appear with dvb included for under £150, amazon had non tv one for £105, wishful thinking on my part maybe, but im in no rush.
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