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Posted 4th Dec 2020
Update 1
An update to this, now it's been in place for a little while.

What constitutes proof in order for an offer to go into deals, is a question we get quite a lot. We wish there was one simple answer, but so much depends on the type of deal and other factors. Often, posters don't want to reveal the source of their information to the wider community, which is fine but also makes it hard for us to show examples of give confirmation of what we will accept as proof.

So while we can't give a definitive list, we want to make things hopefully a little easier. From now, if something is posted on another Pepper website (such as Dealabs or MyDealz) then in general we will accept that as proof - it would be great if you can provide a link to the other deal to our Community Support team when you post one. There still may be occasions when we need to confer with our colleagues over at those sites to understand the underlying evidence seen, but hopefully this will help as general practice.

Any questions, let me know
Hi all,

Just wanted to share an update to how we handle some deals.

If a deal is rumoured to be happening soon but isn't confirmed, then it is allowed to be posted in our Discussions section.

This will stay the same, but from now on, we won't be moving those threads into Deals if the offer is subsequently confirmed. Instead, the confirmed offer can be posted again in the Deals section.

If a different member posts the confirmed Deal, it would be lovely to see a little 'Thank you' shout-out to the person who posted the discussion first.

Any questions, just post in the comments.

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