Undelivered mails

    I keep receiving mails by post in my new house.
    They all belong to the previous tenants.
    How can I mail them back to the sender? Shall I write something on them and drop them in the mail box?


    write no longer at this address and chuck them back in the mail box


    write no longer at this address and chuck them back in the mail box

    as above..... or collect all the post on a monthly basis and pass them onto the company you rent via of your not doing it directly. (they may have a contact number or the customer may still be on their books)

    important to send them back otherwise they will keep coming, once received back most companies will remove the address from mailing list or investigate where they have moved to

    i write RTS and post it

    I printed out those A4 pages of stickers in Word each saying "No longer at this address RETURN TO SENDER".
    I stick one over the address and put them back in the post.

    I also use them for my own junk mail that I want to stop - it works.

    the only way ive managed to get the mail from the last owners of our house to stop is by writing STOP SENDING MAIL, moved in June 2010,!! this was when we bought the house.
    We were getting the last owners pay slips, bank statements, credit card statements the lot , it worked a treat after 2 months of doing this now we dont get any

    yep we did a no longer known and got it back the next day lol

    contact your local royal mail delivery office(where your postie is based),talk to a manager and ask them to deliver mail for only the residents,anything else can be killed off!..,dont think they charge for this .

    i still get junk mail 9 years down the line!! and some that ain't junk !!!!!

    Open the good looking ones.
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