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    Ive bought the majority of my sisters birthday present, but now im looking for some little things to add to it.
    so far ive got her some pink straighteners with shampoo & conditioner and a saw plushie.

    she's 19 this time, likes pink and girlie things. any ideas?


    Pink MP3? Shot glass? Soft toys? Car accessories? Disney? Vouchers?

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    wouldnt mind a chocolate fountain or something similar, anyone know of any offers?

    How about some make-up from boots they have an offer on their no. 17 range at the moment- spend just £5.00 get this set for free (in-store too) heres the link: ]http//ww…tml

    Go through Quidco to 24Studio or Woolworths and type in pink for lots of under £10 items.
    Might be able to find this instore…ain
    although it is £14.98 online and less through Quidco


    I am just about to buy some pink girlie stuff from ] - I love this site and the prices are really good -
    I have just asked if anyone knows of any discount codes for the site - but to be honest the prices are so good will be buying any way.
    Hope this helps



    I buy pink girlie stuff from - they have everything from giant pink diamond paperweight (not a real diamond - but looks great) through to pink hole punches!

    Hope this helps

    Girlieshopper :oops:

    Loads of girlie pink things on here also ]http//ww…e=2

    WoW! thats a great site too - never seen that one before - Gosh so many shops and such little time :thumbsup:

    thanks im buying my mate a 21st present but not got much of a budget this seems helfpful!

    geek grrrl

    wouldnt mind a chocolate fountain or something similar, anyone know of … wouldnt mind a chocolate fountain or something similar, anyone know of any offers?

    I actually have a choc fountain that I was about to sell at the weekend at my local booty. Make me an offer and its urs. I won it at bingo (yes, im a bingo betty!!) ha ha.

    This is a link ive found, its a pic of the one Ive got.…069

    Ive only taken it out of the box to take photos cos was gonna sell it on ebay!!

    Let me know what u think.:-D

    Hiya, not sure if anyone saw my other post on my quest for a discount code for - anyways thought I should let you in on what I found just incase you missed it - I emailed them and said that I had lost a discount code and wanted to make an order - and they sent me a new discount code - cheeky I know since I never had one in the first place, but always worth a try! - the code they sent is - Spring101 - and this give 10% off anything. So as the order that I placed last night was over £30 I got free shipping and 10% off - hehe can't be bad! but must be a system error... :whistling:
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