Under 6" mobile recommendations needed!

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I've been using my Xiaomi Mi A2 lite for the last year which has been great but sadly it died in the storm the other weekend.. I got it wet, but it seemed to be ok and was happily taking pics, then the screen went blue and I've not got anything out of it since...
Anyway, I'm looking for a replacement phone.. My budget is £200 maximum but less if possible.. I'd rather stay away from Huawei as I've had one in the past and didnt get on with it very well.. Most important things to me in a phone are a decent camera and good battery life.. Android only please! I'm really annoyed this phone died as I spent ages researching before I bought it..now I feel like I'm going round in circles and each time I find what I think is a good phone, its massive!! Thanks in advance, Julie
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Turn off and stuck in dry rice if you get phone wet. That's the only trouble with budget phones not being waterproof if your the outside type. Guess the note 8t is just too big?
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I've already tried that...and replaced the battery incase it was that.. I just get a dim blinking notification light when I plug it in for a while and then it goes off... from my research it sounds as though the motherboard might be dead Yeah too big sadly... Not sure what the obsession with large phones is these days... I only have small pockets!!
Is the same as what you had still available?
Samsung a40

Mi9 SE could be another one, but it has to be non-uk seller to make it close to the price tag.
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