Underage ???

    Dont often get involved in this type of discussion but this caused quite a debate last night.

    Kate Winslett has just won a Golden Globe for her film The Reader - and deservedly so. For those of you who dont know it involves an older woman and former Nazi concentration camp guard (Winslett) embarking on a sexual relationship with a 15 year old boy. No one seems to have anything negative to say about the film or its content. Rave reviews (obviously).

    Wait a minute though...if it had been an older male playing the part of a former camp guard who basically seduced a 15 year old schoolgirl, I doubt it would have got any nominations and perhaps not made it past the censors. I can see the protests and public outcry now. So are we now saying underage is ok??

    With all the abuse of children that hits the papers daily, what does this say?? Comments??


    Don't know anything about the film or topic but you don't see many women roles for the Germans in old war films do you.

    She plays a female concentration camp guard, I wouldn't have thought there were any.

    Shows how you can be influenced by TV and films.

    Re: the topic, think this will be an 'interesting' debate.


    Sounds wrong to me, but it is a film and it has been done before from both sides but yeah, couldnt see it doing so well if it was a bloke with a 15 year old girl.

    Probs not as bad as that one with Nicole Kidman though...that was weird, wrong AND rubbish

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    I have no probs with the film by the way - it is well made. But when this was raised last night people did take a step back and looked at the role reversal issue. I am not trying to champion society either...just thought it may be a topic for discussion for the early pun intended.

    Wish Kate Winslet would abuse me. :-D

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    Wish Kate Winslet would abuse me. :-D

    Thanks for your words of wisdom Sy :-D

    +1 :thumbsup:



    Wish Kate Winslet would abuse me. :-D


    Men have willies, women don't!

    This is England - the relationship between the lead boy (10yo) and the older girl, I thought was quite odd and didn't really add anything to the story.

    Anywho its set during wartime conditions and thats FUBAR to begin with, so the strangest of relationships can occur in such horrendous environments BUT its only the prelude to the rest of the film, it takes place 8 years after the affair.

    Not as bad as Atonement, great story then the end crippled it.


    Men have willies, women don't!

    Most men are willing to share though, so not a problem :lol:

    As a male you think "Why didn't that happen to me? What a con!! :x " but when you hear of a older man and a girl he's a pervert.

    Must be because our brains are only a few feet of the floor.

    Interesting thought for discussion. I didn't actually know this about the film (Don't know anything about the film...) but I would have to agree with you - If it were an older man seducing a young girl, it could be a national travesty.

    However, it's hard to tell - I think that theme has been used in film before, and not caused much of an uproar (that I can think of, by all means I could be dead wrong) but I'll also agree that I doubt it would have received a single awards nomination.

    At this point, I'm clicking post as I have lost my train of thought...

    Back to work.
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