Underfloor heating Help - where can I get a wifi 5ghz controller

Posted 17th Dec 2022 (Posted 2 h, 57 m ago)
We have underfloor heating

we have a 2.4ghz wifi app for the controller but it does not work / connect

the controller does not work with 5ghz networks

Can anyone recommend a good quality reliable controller which allows me to program on the app AND also program on the unit on the wall?

Many thanks
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    EPH CP4i works on 5ghz.

    What Wi-Fi do you have? Is there not an option to seperate the bands so you can connect your controller to 2.4ghz and the rest to 5?
    My Vodafone router has this. I have to keep them separate or my WiFi plugs wouldn't work
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    Turn on 2.4ghz, much easier.
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    Like they said, most new devices work well with dual-band wi-fi as they only join the channel they can use. As your heating control does not, you should split the signal and then join the 2.4ghz SSID manually.

    Log into your router from a browser using the IP address, password is probably the default printed on the back of the router, look for the option to split the signal into two SSID, one for 2.4 and the other for 5.0.

    More detail if you tell us which WIFI router you have
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