Underlay for flooring, narrowed it down..but which to go for? Durulay or Novostrat..or another one altogether?

Posted 3rd Apr 2012
It's to go on top of a concrete floor to cusion the engineered wood flooring that will be laid on top of it. The skirting and all doors will be replaced so thickness of the underlay is not of concern. Just want it to have a degree of insulating properties and noise reducing capability. I've been recommended the Durulay Timbermate from another HUKD'r but came across the Novostrat when I looked for an alternative to the more pricier Durulay Gold underlay (thicker than the silver top)

Has anyone had any experience of the Sonic Gold underlay?

NOVOSTRAT Wood Flooring Underlay Sonic Gold 5mm 65kg Density
£29.99 for 15m2


Duralay Timbermate Excel Underlay, Sponge Rubber
£42.70 for 15m2

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This was my first choice (initially)Duralay Timbermate Excel Underlay, Sponge Rubber
£42.70 for 15m2

thickness: 3.6mm
Tog Rating: 0.55 Tog


Then saw they had a better 'thicker' version for £54 but the improvement is a few mm of thickness
thickness: 4.2mm
Tog Rating: 0.33 Tog


Teen miraculously just came across the Novostrat Gold Sonic underlay from Berks Trading, seemed like a fab price - called them up and they said it's trade price hence the saving. It's very similar to the £54 above but only £29.99 for the same amount
thickness: 5mm
Tog rating: 0.9tog


edit: Just found the Sonic for £23.35 here

Should I be bothered by the tog rating? There's no underfloor heating to be installed.

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You probably won't notice much difference if u get good flooring
normally u want 10% extra
i would worry as that's discontinued
i got Khars wood flooring (engineered) for the life of me i cant remember what underlay i got but it was not cheap.

luckily, I bought quite a bit extra of the flooring- does anyone know if the 10% extra applies to underlay too?
I used the following underlay, with a heavy duty laminate floor a couple of years ago, and was pleased. As they are rigid large 'tiles', I managed to keep the waste to a low level.


It may not be any help to you, as the web site says it is out of stock.
Update: thanks all for your input- had some good advice from a fellow moneysaver who advised the silver duralay would be the best option as the sonic looks to be a tad rigid (hard to work with) and also, said wide insulation tape will suffice to tape the seams. will be ordering in a mo.
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