Understanding face covering exemptions and things you can get to support your usage of public transport

Posted 26th Jun

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With face coverings being mandatory, it's a tough time for those with genuine breathing difficulties (like myself) when using public transport. If you really cannot cover your face, you can get a letter from your doctor. You can also apply for a Face Covering Exemption Card with your bus company. Make sure you get one for each bus company you use, although it's a rarity the driver will refuse travel if you show an exemption card you received from a different company. It doesn't work as a bus ticket or pass so won't give you free travel, it's just a discreet way to let your bus driver know you are exempt from wearing a face covering on public transport.

With the above said, please also know it doesn't have to be breathing difficulties that exempt you from wearing a face covering on public transport. Other factors include disabilities etc

Below are some links to bus company websites that allow you to get a Face Covering Exemption Card

  • Please check with your local bus or train company for Face Covering Exemption Cards they may offer if you don't use the companies listed above

Finally, I would like to say, although it may be tempting as I am sure Face Coverings are uncomfortable, please please PLEASE do not abuse these cards. They exist for those with a breathing difficulty or disability to be able to travel without wearing a face covering. If you have a disability or breathing difficulty, then by all means, feel free to use these Fave Covering Exemption Cards

Also, if you see someone get on a bus or train etc without wearing a face covering, please consider the fact they may have a Hidden Disability or breathing difficulties and don't question it.

Thank you and I hope this post has been helpful
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Worth noting the above is not for N.Ireland. Face coverings on public transport here is only an advisory.

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It's 22nd June in Scotland (which I knew was happening but wasn't sure of the date), screenshot from the FirstBus website.41212850-emnai.jpg
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