Understanding Hidden Disabilities and things you can get to support you with them

Posted 14th Jun 2020

Some of this content has been taken from the Hidden Disabilities Website. Learn more about Hidden Disabilities here

During the current pandemic of COVID-19, it may be becoming more of a struggle for some people with a Hidden Disability. Some of these disabilities may mean the person that has it struggles to get used to change in environments, change of routines, finds it harder to communicate etc.

What is a Hidden Disability?

  • A hidden disability is a disability that may not be immediately obvious, such as autism, dementia, anxiety, visual or hearing impairment. Please click here for more information.

Supporting and wearing the Sunflower

If you have a hidden disability, you can wear the Hidden Disability Sunflower to show this.

How this helps?

Wearing the Hidden Disability Sunflower makes people discreetly aware you have a Hidden Disability. For example, when in a shop the cashier at the checkout will understand if you take a bit longer to complete the transaction than most people would consider normal, and if you don't answer simple questions such as "Are you having a nice day?". Police should also support this if you're stopped.

How do I get a Hidden Disability Sunflower?

You can get the Hidden Disability Sunflower online here. Available as lanyards, lanyard badges, pin badges, wristbands, t-shirts and more, there's a variety of ways to show you have a Hidden Disability.

You can also collect a free Hidden Disability Sunflower Lanyard at participating major supermarkets and stores - usually at the customer service desk. It isn't advertised in-store and there isn't a desk just for this to reduce the risk of the person requesting it feeling embarrassed with other customers knowing they're requesting one

What about proof of my Hidden Disability?

No proof of your Hidden Disability is needed to request or order Hidden Disability Sunflower Lanyards and other products. This is because no one is discriminated or excluded. You do not need to be diagnosed with a Hidden Disability to use the Hidden Disability Sunflower. However, please do not deliberately lie about having a disability. If you think you have one and haven't been diagnosed, you can order online or request a lanyard in-store


Just Can't Wait Card

If you have a medical condition you can use the Just Can't Wait Card (order here) to skip the queue and use the toilet facilities straight away in stores and restaurants/cafe's (when they reopen for in house service) that would usually only allow customers to use them. Please only order this if you have a genuine medical condition. Again, it is not required to be diagnosed to use this.

JAM (Just A Minute) Card

People with a learning difficulty, autism or communication barrier can use the JAM Card or app to tell others you need "Just a minute" - discreetly and easily

I hope this post has been useful and I fully support anyone with a Hidden Disability (I have one and thought this could help others who do)


Remember to NEVER take abuse!:

Under 19 and suffering from abuse? -
Talk to someone who you think can support and help you. If you don't feel comfortable doing so, you could also call Childline on 0800 1111

You can also call the Non-Emergency Police on 101 if you're over 19

In the case of EXTREME life threatening abuse (whatever your age) call 999

Remember everyone is different and no one should be bullied for a disability they have that they can't even control.
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