Posted 18th Jan 2023 (Posted 9 h, 7 m ago)
A little help please guy's and gal's.
My partner got a new prescription from opticians and she got some reading glasses.
I was ordering a set of distance glasses for myself and ordered Lesley some reading glasses as well.
Except when they came today they were distance ones as I messed up.
What should I put in the fields for Cyl and Axis for her reading ones and does the 2.5 in the Sph mean its +2.5 as it has no symbol in front of the numbers like the distance ones have.
Here is a copy of her prescription.

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    Reading is magnified to like +1 or like mine +1.50 like I have, but I need +1.75 magnified on my next pair. Getting worse with age.
    Not aware of any other figure needed. Might as well buy off the shelf unless your want designer frames or buy bifocals or varifocal.
    With those you add the reading magnification to the lens.
    I'd say your reading is 2.50 (+2.5)

    I buy standard lens glasses for TV and cinema.
    The reading part of lens I can't get on with for TV or cinema. Fine for everything else (edited)
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    If ordering online you will need pd.
    Eye pupil distance
    Measure yourself easy enough. (edited)
    Thank you, so what about where it says fields for Cyl and Axis.
    I guess I mist have got it right where I said 62 for her pupil distance, but I would really like to know if I need to put anything in the fields for Cyl and Axis for distance or just leave them blank.
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    This is the reading prescription 
    RE: +3.75/-1.00x85
    LE: +4.75/-1.50x95 (edited)
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