Unhappy experience with THREE contract renewal

    Yesterday, I called the 3 customer service regarding to my contract renewal.

    The lady on the phone told me that I was eligible for an exclusive deal as a valuable customer with them for 18 months. (Am I?)

    I am paying 15 Pounds/mo for 250 mins + 50 texts with free mobile mail, Live messenger...... and also a SONY Z610i phone. (18 Months contract)

    The deal she mentioned was:
    15 Pounds/mo for 300 mins (mix and match) and 300 mins to THREE network. Also come with additional features like Live messenger, Skype.... (18 Months contract)
    I could choose LG S7330, Skypephone S2, Nokia 3120C or Nokia 6500S.

    It seems to be quite good. However, it just the same as signing a new contract from!!!!! Why am I bother about renewal? I could get 20-30 Pounds quidco and 20 Pounds voucher if I sign a new one. Friends recommandation might work as well.

    After spending an hour, I just asked them to cancel it. Don't even want to waste my time.


    They have been doing this **** for years! They don't let you renew and expect you to just make a new contract which is totally pointless!!
    You also get calls from another company before you contract runs out who is giving you these offers instead of three (maybe they are some kind of 3rd party)

    some dodgy companies out there who pretend to be networks or fail to mention they aren't, check it all out carefully and always ask for details in writing before commiting..
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