UNI Advice, Foundation year??

    doing my a levels at the moment and im in year 12, im doing maths, economics and politics, at first i wanted to get in to economics but ive changed my mind and want to do mechanical engineering now, most good unis want physics and maths, so i was thinking about doing a foundation year in like physics, i was looking at bath uni apparently the second best for mechanical engineering and the want AAA theres no way im going to get that, but if i get in to the foundation year and pass theyll let me on the course , its a year extra but it should be worth it, But the 85 places for the entire course and 60 of those places go to people from overseas, so 25 places only available, What do you lot think, foundation year any good?

    Also does any one do mechanical engineering or automotive engineering would be great to hear from you.



    Have you spoken to careers advisory people?

    If you have never done any mechanical engineering, the foundation course will ensure you are not a fish out of water.
    If you went straight on, you might struggle.


    I applied for Bath and need DDM on a BTEC course i'm doing and this is the ghey part..

    I need a Distinction in level 3 Maths for Technicians which i've got no chance of getting ;p
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