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    Hello people, i am in the middle of completing my enrolment form for University but its stressing me out, first of all i can't find the information i need for a certain section, it asks for..

    Student Loan Company (SLC) No:
    UCAS Personal ID:
    UCAS Application ID:
    Unique Learner No:

    I have checked my ucas and can't find the UCAS ones and can't see my SLC one anywere and i don't even know what my unique learner number is, can someone help please?


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    Have found my UCAS personal ID.

    my student finance one is on all my letters but obviously ure just starting out.. damn, trying to remember

    btw...dont grr too much, it all gets sorted in the end :thumbsup:


    Have found my UCAS personal ID.

    sure your application number/id is on the same stuff/letters


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    Thank you for that roo, just need to find the other ones and give UCAS a ring in the morning.

    "Unique Learner Number (ULN)
    Applicants may have a ULN if they commenced studying for a UK qualification from 2008 onwards. If they do they should enter it in the box provided; if they do not have a ULN, they can leave the box blank. The ULN is 10 characters long and contain only numbers"

    this was also on the ]ucas site

    im sure it was my college who knew this (number), sorry i dont know exacts..was a while ago and just trying to remember for you.

    im sure if you ring ucas they will help you alot more than i have! :oops:

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    haha you have been a great help thank you, i shall ring UCAS tomorrow and sort the rest out thank you for your time, repped.

    no worries, i hope you get where you wanna be!
    n thanks :oops:

    If you live anywhere close to a uni just drop into the Careers office and they will help you fill it out. It doesn't have to be the uni you are applying to.
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