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Hey hukders,
I'm off to uni in September and I know it's a bit premature but I have no idea what I need to take with me - I'll be staying in student accommodation with an en-suite, so will have shower, cooker, fridge etc.
But I would like to know what I actually NEED to take with me?
Necessities? Little things that you couldn't have done without at uni? Hidden gems that you wouldn't normally think of?
Anything is appreciated, especially with a link to a deal!

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Duvet cover, pillow cases, sheets.
Maybe duvet and pillow, it depends.
Are you in catered accommodation? If so, plate/s, bowl/s, cutlery, mug/s, glasses etc.
If in self-catered, see when you get there what is supplied and who has what. If you have/make friends on your floor with stuff then they might let you use theirs if you wash it up after, as if you have 8 people in one flat/floor with all of their kitchen pots and pans it can just get cluttered. Cheap to buy student sets from Argos and they are perfectly adequate. If you really want to take your own, have a look at charity shops, they can get some quality things in and sell them off cheaply.
Beer, booze and hangover food for the first week.
Bathroom/washbag stuff.
Laundry bag to shove your stinky post-freshers week clothes in, hidden away from anyone you are trying to impress.

Have a look on MSE, I remember they had a great list of things on there, or do a search on here under misc and see if anything comes up, people have asked in the past and got some great tips.

Been there done that, now let me give you advice from my experience... take a case of beers, a couple of bottles of chilled wine, some glasses (for the wine), and a bottle opener. Be the first one in the halls, and spread the happiness (Alcohol)... offer them a drink.

Take some cash for the first night... for a takeaway (to line your stomach) and for going out to bars on your first night (freshers night) before you get a chance to work out the lay of the land... and keep £10 spare (perhaps in your shoes, or down your bra for a taxi home incase you get separated from your mates. Also, make a note of your floor and room number, incase the alcohol makes you forget ... afterall its your 1st night.

Oh, and also.... get rid of your parents... im sure they will want to help you move in, and thats a good idea... good for them, and good for you, but when its time for them to leave, let them go.

1 piece of advice that got me through every day and night of uni was to make sure i had three things on me, at all times, no matter where i was.... the rule of three.

Door Key

With these three things, you can buy anything you need in an emergency, call anyone in an emergency, and have your own space and security in case of emergency.

Cash is key to everything... if you forget something, lose something or need something... as long as you have cash, you can buy it.

The rule of three was key to me... having slept in a bus shelter one night.

One more thing... no matter what you do... dont stress about anything. Stress is a sign of weakness, and there is no need to stress about anything. Theres always a solution to every problem. If your room is too small, spend time at ur mates, if your course is difficult, talk to your lecturers and mates, if you miss your family, there at the end of the phone.

Uni is about fun, about an experience and about learning your capabilities and finding yourself... who you are.

Be yourself, be friendly and have fun,

Work hard, party hard, but live safely.

And if you need a bit of extra cash... find the nearest police station for some ID parades... you get some quick tax free cash in hand.

P.s. I so wish i was back at uni!

Have fun you lucky S0D!

Painkillers and dark sunglasses.

Door stop so you can prop the door open when you move in and say hi to everyone who passes,

If you are seriously serious about this, as opposed to thinking about what stuff dio I need to have a good time, the following list may be useful: Lots of course can be purchased when you arrive - depends how you are travelling and how much you/your parents actually want to buy in advance and also what you are studying !!
Stationery minimums;
Several passport photos
Lever Arch Files
Ream of Paper
Consider a printer!
Pack of Biros
Pack of Highlighters
Hole punch
Plastic wallets
File dividers
Blue tac
pen pot for your desk
stapler & staples
document wallet (for keep assignments nice and tidy)
Lined paper for note taking
a fine line permanent pen
post it notes
A small whiteboard and pen - magnetic one is good - if you like to be organised (poundland!)
a few envelopes
Waste paper bin?
Academic year diary (some unis provise them in freshers week though)

Kitchen considerations;
Toaster/Sandwich toaster
Pair of mugs (preferably distinctive)
Tray (to carry food back to your room)
Pizza wheel, corkscrew/can opener/pair of decent scissors/ consider grater
Large shackle combination padlock for your cupboard in the kitchen
Cook book?
oven glove
tea towel
cling film and or foil
a couple of glass or good plastic tubs with sealable lids for storing/freezing surplus food
if keen to be clean, a pack of disposible multi-purpose wipes (poundland)

Laundry considerations;
A bag of £1 coins!
A pop-up type laundry basket for your room
Large bag (like the blue ikea ones) to take laundry to and from the laundry)
Maybe a small box of soap tablets to start you off (Wilkos do them in 8's sometimes!)
An air freshener thingy if you are not going to be good at doing the laundry too regularly!!
defluffing brush for when you do laundry with tissue in the pocket of your black trousers!!!

Clothes considerations;
Decent size wheeled bag if planning on using train to pop home (to carry the laundry in/sorry, books for revision purposes)
A large handful of coat hangers
An over the door hook if you are planning on taking a load of stuff
If female, some flat-pack type boxes for additional storage (ikea has lovely ones, also Wilko)
Think about fancy dress options - usually loads of things in that vein in rag week, check out uni website before you go and be prepared
something to clean shoes with in case you need to look smart ever (job interview??)
something to put IN trainers if male so they don't stink room out (odor-eaters?)
Something to put on self and feet quickly for the inevitable fire alarms at 2am in the first few weeks
something to attach your door key to a bag or your person so you don't lose it and incur BIG bills
Fold down clothes airer is VERY useful

Shower soap / shampoo / conditioner, /deo./ bathroom cleaning wipes?????? / toothpaste/brush etc
Hairdryer and other female hair paraphenalia
make up / skin care stuff as needed
Small bag to carry same items to/from shower if not ensuite
Bathroom cleaning stuff proper if ensuite!!

Box anadin or similar
a 4 gang extension lead (never enough sockets in the room)
memory stick (write your student id on it with the permenant pen as soon as you get it!)
consider a battery charger (USB?) if you use loads of batteries in stuff
sticking plasters, antiseptic wipes
?? a mattress cover if you are fussy
bed linen (x2 sets best) - consider a sleeping bag for nights out/guests in
something to stick your uni pass in (eg a pass holder)
photo frame or 2
Desk light ??
USB speaker for music ??
Chargers (spare?) for moby, lappy etc
Shopping bags for food shopping
Backpack/bag for taking stuff to/from uni
box of tissues / roll of kitchen paper

hope that helps a bit !!


Great List - Thanks

Original Poster

Thanks TAH-M, exactly what I was looking for! This will be my bible for the next few months!

Firstly congrats on going to Uni. Enjoy your time, and learn from the many life experiences to be had.

My other point was to say don't worry about taking too much stuff. Apart from bedding and clothes the other stuff you can get once you are there. How else do the locals survive? You're not at Aberystwyth right?!

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Don't take too much though, I've seen lotsa people that came to Uni with few luggages, but that's insane! I came here with only 1 bag, took the supplies needed for one day and then went off shopping the next day so I've had a look around the town and also bought all the necessities I needed to live on.

On the first day you only need a duvet and a pillow in your room, with some clothes, and then after you look around there, you'll know what you need to get. It's not like you need to bring 3-4 luggages to your room, I've come with only 1 bag and survived pretty well. You might also want to look for someone that's already in that uni to ask what kind of accommodation is it and what does it have and what not. Just chill. I've paid around £100 for all the stuff I bought the first week for all my daily needs.
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