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Found 27th Sep 2016
feeling all left out at daughter moving out n off to uni I have bought a NUS card via course at eCareers,all excited I thought I could use it at Morrison's ( don't shoot me I shop there for my elderly m in law and disabled brother in law,so its not all me me me) but alas discount is only offered via Unidays.....is there any way I can enrol on Unidays?....other than becoming a Uni student...... although looking at their social life I'm tempted!!

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your daughter can register and see if you can use it. You do need a university email address
which stops the rest of "hukd students"

I had no idea there was a 10% off at Morrisons with unidays (just shopped there this evening). Thanks for the info - I will PM you a code...

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ah thank you for your help,Morrissons are great always get plenty of bags for your money,maybe other supermarkets will follow suit ey.....but I won't hold my breath!
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