uninterruptible power supply / UPS

    hey folks, did search for this and UPS didnt turn up anything here.

    i'm looking please for a cheap UPS

    - doesn't need to be managed/smart
    - low capacity is fine, doesnt need much runtime at all (even 700VA would be overkill)
    - smaller the better really
    - a reliable brand would be preferable.

    i had quick froogle and found this…gle
    can anyone improve on that/recommend one please?

    thanks in advance. it would be a gift for a relative, if i can get one cheap enough. i personally use an expensive (when new) APC SmartUPS with a new battery which works fine


    Belkin 650VA UPS/Surge Protector for £19.91 at Staples instore only apprantely, don't hold me to that though, call your local store [url][/url] checking for stock before going.

    These are £46+ elsewhere it seems

    I have several of the 500VA version of this and can vouch they are good, the only annoying thing is if any appliance is plugged into the battery backup plug and you draw more than 300watts it makes an annoying beeping noise otherwise it's good.

    If you need a UPS that can take more than 300watts you should look at Belkins 1000+VA range

    Original Poster

    Mustek PowerMust 400 USB RS232/Phone UPS
    £21 + del…006
    are Mustek any good anyone know?

    the other cheap make im seeing is "Trust".. can they be.. trusted

    APC and Belkin only consumer range I personally trust.

    Original Poster

    yeah those built-into-power-strip ones are neat but theres another complication, this will be used in new zealand at least partly so it would be better to have normal kettle type sockets, or variable-plug sockets like this one (rather than tons of UK sockets!):…229

    Considering the weight of this and the cost of sending or even taking this to NZ, you'd be far better off buying it there imo.

    Original Poster

    hah yes they are heavy but i would take not post, never near the allowance so thats probably not a prob, you may be right though, i'll see whats available there. normally i find it better to shop here because of convenience and price.

    so any more cheap standard (not built into powerstrip) UPSs around please?

    availability of UPSs in NZ seems to be a bit crap (like most things) so i'll buy here if can find something decent in £30-£40 range.
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