Unique gifts to buy a girlfriend on her birthday

Posted 19th Dec 2019

so, my girlfriend lives in NY, we've been together for just over a year and her birthday is coming up. I don't know what i should get her but wanted to buy something different to the usual. Unfortunately i don't have any holidays left to make a surprise visit to see her but wanted to know if anyone has seen or come across a website offering unique presents....i will likely be sending a thoughtful gift but also wanted to see if i can get her something else aswell..

Also would help if the place does international deliveries.

Thanks all.

Merry Xmas
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Easier, and probably cheaper, to buy on a US site? Many accept non US cards. Don't forget to use a fee free card like Clarity, Revolut or Starling.
Book her a ticket to come to you x
.......someone find out who she is and send her this post.
Etsy do lovely personalised things but I’m not sure about international posting.
There is unique & there is useless.

Best presents are ones that can be used to further ones interests & hobbies.

Randomly "unique" asked via a website such as this just fill me with horror as to how much you may know each other.How well off is she? what sort of temperature? what sort of spend?

For instance if into winter sports how about a new snowboard / set of ski's? ..that's a pretty big deal amongst gear heads.
A seasons lift pass/ spring pass for her local collective of mountains? ..you mention N.Y. ..which encompasses a large region (not just the city) bordering VT. PA. Mass ..plenty of mountain resorts. not to mention just shy of the canadian border ..choice abounds

If into the outdoors, then there is the likes of REI rei.com/ for everything!

& plenty of hotel deals for her & some friends to make a roadtrip of it, (hey it's not always about you, & if serious you need her mates on your side), ..so whilst not necessarily tangible goods, the sort of thing that memories are made of.

If deep into texas ,...a new gun? (joke)
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Give her a plane ticket to come to you and do a sickie, lol
Champagne, Chocolates and Roses sent on her Birthday would be a good start.
My picture and other sites do pictures of star maps. Why don’t you get one which is based on your first date? Or favourite location?

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Cause we all know if said girlfriend is a goth....a vegan....loves My little Pony!
Or all of the above
As with all the re
Ciderer19/12/2019 13:13

Champagne, Chocolates and Roses sent on her Birthday would be a good start.

As with all the responses here, all depends on what she likes. My GF for example doesn't like either champagne or roses.
Get a cardboard cutout of yourself sent to her
something cheap, long distance relationships dont work.. someone always has fun elsewhere...
Sent her a message beginning with "So,". Then if she has any sense at all you want have this quandary next year.
Throw in a couple of alots and aswells too to be on the safe side.
A ring or toys
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