***Uniross Sprint Ultra Fast High Capacity Charger***

    Looking for the best price on this please guys, really powerful charger and batteries for me wireless keyboard and mouse


    Uniross fast charger with 2100ma batteries instead of 2300ma for only £17.99…505

    The Sprint is £25.99 on the same site.

    Col S

    By ultra-fast do you mean 1-2 hours because I've just seen a 15 minute charger on the same site…182

    Col S

    Original Poster

    no they dont have to be ultra quick because i will have two sets of batteries, one just charging, just thought i would get a good one thats all. has anyone seen money off vouchers that i can use on the sprint 1-2 hrs with 2300 batteries, just want this one as its supposed to be good, anyone know any better and can guide me in the right direction? i'm gonna need a good charger, with 8 batteries, so that 4 are always charged, but i want a good price.
    thanks everyone
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