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Found 17th Nov 2017
This is a heads up for people who are members of UNISON as you can get access to a rewards portal.

They offer a similar service to the likes of topcashback & quidco.

The cash back value is not that great to be honest but they give you the option to buy discounted gift cards of some popular retailers including the likes of Pc world, Halfords and Argos.

The gift cards could offer further discounts with the upcoming Black Friday Deals.

Currently Unison Rewards are offering a 10 pound signing up bonus HOWEVER there is a slight Catch you have to earn £25 cash back before you can withdraw the money to your bank account

Below is an extract taken from the website.

Let me know what you guys think and if you find any good deals on this site.

Like I said guys this is just a heads up so be nice.

UnisonRewards.com is a specialist Discounts portal for UNISON Rewards. We partner with thousands of online shops, service providers, local businesses in the UK to bring UNISON Rewards discounts, special offers and cashback deals.
Our service has been operating since 2011.
Our members have saved many millions of pounds over the last 5 years by using our discounts portal.
Types of UNISON Rewards Discounts
We are proud to have built the largest selection of UNISON Rewards discounts in the UK. Using the combined buying power of our members, we have grown
Online Cashback from more than 1000 online brands
More than 4,500 Local Discounts from national chains of pubs, restaurants, health clubs, beauticians etc
Special and exclusive offers negotiated on our member's behalf
Online vouchers
Community Updates
About ten years ago these things used to be rubbish and not worth the bother
then they flourished

ours at least has gone back to being pants
I don't see the point of unions, employees are protected by law.
Chiptivo1 h, 4 m ago

I don't see the point of unions, employees are protected by law.

Protected by law Because of Unions, because people want to get payed and treated better than the legal minimum, Because zero hour contracts are pants, because unions negotiate terms and conditions, holiday etc, because unions (atleast are supposed) to protect people from bullying and harassment, be wise unions will hire lawyers and are experts on employment rules when you may not be. They are there to negotiate pay and national agreements. Where I work an employee was being mistreated under the disability act, the union had lawyers that he would not of had access to. Do you think he went to the management and said: " you are going against my legal rights" and the employer said "ohh sorry mate we will fix that even though it's going to cost money".
Yeah all that.
Protected from law because of the EU not unions.
Chiptivo11 h, 11 m ago

I don't see the point of unions, employees are protected by law.

I'm with Unison and it' one the best decisions I ever made because they actually protect you from your employers corruption when they do things that aren't legal.

I would have been walked all over without the union. They help you get access to fairness and that can only be positive.
Chiptivo23 h, 55 m ago

I don't see the point of unions, employees are protected by law.

Obviously not a union member
cliosport6513 h, 49 m ago

Obviously not a union member

Correct, I don't throw my hard earnings away for services I can access for free.

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