universal drum kit, mic and guitar (ie rockband kit) compatable with ps3/360

    Does any on is know if there rockband kit compatabile with the ps3 xbox 360 an the wii so i dont have to buy seperate kits?

    And does any one know if this will work with guitar hero games if i get it. mainly for the ps3

    as i have two xplorer wired and wireless guitar for 360 that works with guitar hero 2

    just looking for a kit that will work with all of them or atleast the 360/ps3 without having to buy 2 different sets which means i can just get the cheapest version of the game thats out for consoles and it will still work with what i have if you get where am coming from

    So basically looking for drunk kit guitar mic that will work with 360 and ps3 and will work with all guitar hero games and rockband games released eg beatles legabatman acdc ect Just to save me buying 2 sets

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    i did find this but i dont know if the guitar from 360 would work on the ps3

    or the drums ect…ity

    my other thoughts was can i

    use my guitar hero xplorer wired or wirless guitar with rocband 2 set of drums with all the games ie gh world tour and all the resent rockband titles for 360, Then if it works could just use my guitar and just get a set of drums instead

    and then just buy a full set for ps3 that works with all of them
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